About Us

About us

We are Joseph en Linda. We are a couple who live in the Netherlands.

There are many kerisses in the Netherlands. For many years we collected ancient kerisses of Indonesia. On regular basis we visit Indonesia, most of the time Bali and Jawa. In the last years we build up special contacts with the local arts and crafts makers. Some of them are known as the best in Indonesia like Ida Bagus Pastika! .We are specialized in Keris hilts now a days.

There are many hilts on eBay / the internet.
The quality of the hilts we collect is very high, just like the high quality standards of the craftsman. Convince yourself and check the detail photos with the precise workmanship.

Every trip we buy special items for our own collection. In the ongoing process of renewing our collection we also have to let some items go. This website is the result of this. We hope that you enjoy these items. If you want to purchase one or more items please contact us.