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Handle priester 

Top piece keris handle balinese!

This is an exceptional fine quality keris handle!

Made from moos/dear horn, this material is much compacter and denser then bone! This hilt feels really heavy. 35 gram!

The figure is known as Begawan Druna, an ascetic asceet and the teacher of Arjuna. A master in the martial arts. Begawan Druna has a mustache, a long beard and a sash to cover his head. In the righthand he has a praying cord and in the left hand a stick naga.The details of the carving in this hilt is exceptional! (see detail picture!).

The handle is made by one of the best carvers in Bali; next best tot Ida Bagus Pastika and his name is Ida Bagus Puja. He lives in Tampaksering and his nickname is Dimpil because three fingers on his hand are grown together.

Salut is made of sterling silver aan 22 karat gold plated (mendak 2,3 cm, diameter salut 5,5 cm) . The stones are fine quality ruby and safire from Mozambique.

Total hight handle: 13,8 cm

Diameter pesi: 1cm

Depth pesi: 7,5 cm