Shiva Mamoth




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Handle Shiva 

Exceptional carving and beautiful figure!

Handle balinese made from rare mammoth tooth!

This handle is mad from mammoth tooth, this material makes the handle and the color much more beautiful.

The figure is known as Dewa Shiwa. Shiwa is according to the Hindu one of three important Gods. Dewa Shiwa is often portrayed with four arms, a trisula, a pigtail, a praying cord or a cobra around the neck. Children of Dewa Shiwa are Kumare, Kala and Ganesha.

The handle is made by one of the best carvers in Bali; next best tot Ida Bagus Pastika and his name is Ida Bagus Puja. He lives in Tampaksering and his nickname is Dimpil because three fingers on his hand are grown together. Salut is made of sterling silver. Diameter salut is 5,5 cm.

Total hight: 13,7 cm

Diameter pesi: 1 cm

Depth: 9,3 cm