Visnu on Garuda




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Handle Visnu 

Visnu on garuda majestic handle balinese!

Handle made of wood with exceptional salut!

Made of Areng wood. Nice and detailed carving.

The figure is known as Vishnu. According to the Hindu one of the three Gods. Vishnu is riding on the back of Garuda. Garuda is the mount of the Lord Vishnu. Garuda is half human, half eagle. The turtle is called Badawang Nala and is a symbol for the earth. The snake is a symbol for the demonical world.

The salut is made of silver sterling, gold plated 22 karat gold. (diameter mendak: 2,5 cm diameter selut: 5,5 cm). The stones are fine quality ruby and safire from Mozambique.

Total hight handle: 14.8 cm

Diameter pesi: 1,2 cm

Depth pesi: 10,2 cm